The technic and technicism as means of mythologization of utopian and antiutopian narrative in the Romantic and Wellsian fiction

Aleksandr Golozubov


The article is devoted to the image of the machine in G. Wells’ myth creating, first of all in his novel “The war of the worlds”, in comparison to the theme of automates in the Romantic literature. Romanticism constructed the ambivalent reality in which, on the one hand, people behaved as a doll, and, on the other hand, lifeless and mechanical automats played the role of the live creatures and the social individuals, with success. So far as the person is irrational, all these mechanisms are reflections of the mechanical reality that fills Romantics with pessimism and disappointment. In Hoffmann’s fantastic novels we can see conflict between live and died in human person, nature and society, but in Wellsian apocalyptic fantasy the machine operated by Martians, becomes a fatal threat for a man as a biological being and a social individual. Motives of technicism and biologism co-act in the novel, creating an original version of fin de siècle myth.

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